William Kilpatrick

Senior Vice President, Customer FIOSS Integration

William KilpatrickWilliam Kilpatrick is a seasoned construction executive with nearly two decades of experience working in the off-site construction industry He led the Technical Design Department of Century Homes, which was at the time the largest manufacturer of off-site components in Europe with five factories in United Kingdom and Ireland. He has extensive knowledge and experience managing complex projects from single family custom homes to multistory commercial hybrid steel and wood frame buildings. As Technical Design Manager with Century Homes he was involved with continuous improvement of the patented design and manufacturing systems and the development of some of the most sophisticated wood frame design software in the industry.

He has also operated his own design and consultancy business in the off-site industry, providing technical design services to a broad range of clients including some of Britain’s and Ireland’s largest builders. His experience includes working on projects in Japan and mainland Europe, providing an unrivalled depth of knowledge on international building codes and practices.