Entekra™ offers a Fully-Integrated Off-Site Solution– or (FIOSS™) – for residential and commercial applications.

By completely integrating concept, design and engineering with off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly, Entekra optimizes the build process and delivers all structural elements of a building – prefabricated wall panels, prefabricated floor panels, prefabricated roof trusses, and all relevant materials – in component form for rapid on-site assembly.

What makes Entekra’s FIOSS unique in the U.S. market is that it is a complete system, which is custom manufactured to the exacting specifications of each project.

Not a product, but a process

FIOSS involves the following phases:

Multi-story panelized housing


  • Entekra works with the architect to fit design to exacting FIOSS specifications, while identifying and eliminating design risks before even one piece of lumber is cut.
  • Information is gathered regarding finish work – windows, doors, floors, utilities, etc.
Multi-story panelized housing

Design & Engineering

  • Entekra generates CAD drawings and specs, and proceeds with necessary steps for value engineering, as well as compliance and implementation.
  • All aspects of each project are continually reviewed to ensure efficiency in cost, materials, production plan, logistics and building completion.
Multi-story panelized housing

Off-Site Manufacturing

  • Detailed CAD/CAM files with all specifications are transferred into the production program to optimize the fully-automated manufacturing of the structural shell elements.
  • Wall panels, floor panels, roof trusses and all relevant materials are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions with tolerances narrower than the width of a typical saw blade.
Multi-story panelized housing


  • All structural elements are sequentially loaded in reverse order to facilitate on-site efficiency and safety.
  • Load is delivered to job site.
Multi-story panelized housing

On-Site Assembly

  • Structural elements are sequentially off-loaded and assembled by framers with crane assistance for efficiency and safety.
  • The structural shell can be assembled and made weather-tight in an average of three to four days.
Multi-story panelized housing


  • Trades can begin working as soon as the structural shell is made weather tight, with work executed on both the interior and exterior simultaneously.