Kevin McCarey

Vice President, Manufacturing

Kevin McCareyKevin McCarey brings to Entekra nearly two decades of management experience in the manufacturing of FIOSS structures. During his career dedicated to off-site construction, he served in various capacities for Century Homes – Europe’s largest off-site construction provider in Europe – where he gained an extensive understanding of process management specific to building structures under factory-controlled conditions.

During his tenure with Century Homes, which later became Kingspan Century, McCarey held numerous management roles responsible for team-based manufacturing, project management, production planning and logistics. In his roles as Production and Manufacturing Manager for – where he managed a workforce of ninety employees and more than €30 million in material spending – he optimized warehouse layout, developed a successful new-market business plan and increased operational efficiencies by 50 percent. After leaving Kingspan Century Homes in 2008, McCarey managed a wood-frame manufacturing plant, where he successfully implemented a Team-Based Manufacture system, once again, proving his ability to increase productivity and efficiency across multiple production areas.