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Entekra Collaborates with KB Home to Build the Concept Home Showcasing ‘Where Tomorrow Lives’

January 21st, 2019

FIOSSTM by Entekra was leveraged to off-site manufacture the super shell of the KB Home ProjeKt concept home, a prototype smart home of the future, which also breaks new ground in home building and, in particular, construction processes.

Built in the master-planned community of Inspirada near Las Vegas, the 3,200-square-foot house features more than 400 smart appliances and technologies, designed to work in concert to meet the health, well-being, sustainability and overall live-ability needs of residents. Movable walls allow for the space within the house to be changed throughout the day, allowing for more flexible and efficient use of the space.

Entekra was selected for this project because of the flexibility that its Fully Integrated Off-Site SolutionTM offers from both a design and materials perspective. Exterior and interior wall panels were constructed using Laminated Strand Lumber, an engineered wood that is both durable and healthy for the environment, and then factory-fitted with insulation. Parallel Strand Lumber was specified for beams. AdvanTech sheathing was installed on the floor and Zip sheeting, which offers an integrated water- and air-resistive barrier, was used for exterior walls and the roof.

Entekra’s Design and Engineering team utilized sophisticated construction software, which included 3D modeling, to virtually build the home and identify design conflicts before even one piece of lumber was cut. This intensive process also allowed for enhancements that increased the quality and structural integrity of the house, which, in turn, created a building envelope that is more air tight and will be more cost-effective to heat and cool.

The critical structural components were manufactured at the company’s Ripon plant, before being loaded onto a truck for the 12-hour drive to the site. Assembly of the structure was completed in less than a week. With the shorter period that the frame was exposed to the elements, the structure will ultimately experience less wall cracking.

KB Home ProjeKt will be unveiled to the homebuilding industry at IBS in Las Vegas during mid-February 2019.



News about KB Home ProjeKt

Precision Framed with FIOSS by Entekra

kbProjekt 1

Breaking New Ground

KB Home Projekt focuses on an ambitious goal, for eventual home buyers and for architects, engineers, and builders whose business is to serve them: To break new ground in home building, transforming design, building partnerships, construction processes, and, ultimately, a household's experience in a home and community, to shed light "where tomorrow lives," for everyday buyers of new houses in new neighborhoods.

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Dream Team Partners

To keep step with change and compete in housing, builders have to channel innovation and velocity -- staying on top of what home buyers need, and helping them to understand what those home buyers can expect next from innovators, who’ll allow them to get more value from their houses and communities than ever in the history of home.

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On-Site Heros

The only time people change is when the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of changing," says Renner. "It must be about that time in home building."

Read more on how Entekra's very own Service Manager, Paddy McErlain led the pack through FIOSS'  innovative FIOSS framing.

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off site manufacturing adoption

A High-Tech Initiative to Streamline Construction

KB Home ProjeKt is an innovative partnership of KB Home, MiTek and Entekra for advanced off-site framing and optimized building processes.

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THINK AND WONDER: Design Lessons Learned From Where Tomorrow Live Projekt

Architect KTGY shares thoughts about collaboratory project focused bringing health and well-being into the home. A home doesn’t have to cost more to build it better if you think smarter. 

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See 'Where Tomorrow Lives'

Want to see more of KB Home ProjeKt

Take a virtual tour and see the construction of this concept home as well as the finished home.

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