New Entekra Factory in Modesto

Entekra Welcomes Community Leaders for a Sneak Peek at its $35 Million Factory

November 4, 2019

Entekra invited local government officials and business leaders to its new U.S. headquarters in Modesto for a sneak peek at the new $35 million factory, which has begun limited production and will become fully operational in early 2020.

Since its founding in late 2016 in nearby Ripon, Entekra has made significant inroads deploying its Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution™ (FIOSS™), as the company is already working or in discussions with a majority of the country's largest home builders.



Entekra Named ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ by National Association of Home Builders, Also Receives Two Awards for Excellence in Home Design

October 9th, 2019

MODESTO, Calif. – October 9, 2019 – Entekra was named “Manufacturer of the Year” by the Building Systems Councils (BSC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) at the 2019 Building Systems Summit, held this week in Pittsburgh.

The criteria by which Entekra was selected for this BSC Specialty Award included its contributions to furthering the off-site or systems-built housing industry, as well as its innovative Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution – or FIOSS – which is unique to the U.S. market. Read article

Details about Award for Excellence Winner Castaway at River Islands
Details about Award for Excellence Winner KB ProjeKt


Entekra Honored at PCBC 2019 for KB Home ProjeKt

May 31st, 2019

KB Home ProjeKt – KB Home’s prototype smart home of the future for which Entekra off-site manufactured the supershell – was named a Gold Nugget Award of Merit winner at PCBC 2019 in San Francisco.

The 3,200-square-foot concept home, a research and development lab that showcases a new set of future standards for home building, received Award of Merit honors for both Innovative Housing Design and Best Innovative Energy Design.

Known as the “Academy Awards” of the building industry, PCBC's Gold Nugget Awards are presented annually to the top innovators in design, planning and development. A panel of leading industry experts reviewed more than 600 entries to identify Award of Merit-winning projects in more than 50 categories. Entekra is proud to have been a part of this groundbreaking team effort.


New Entekra Factory in Modesto

Off-Site Construction Startup Entekra Selects Modesto as Site for $35-Million Factory with Capacity of 3,000 Units

April 18th, 2019

Entekra LLC, the California off-site construction startup with an integrated solution that allows home builders to reduce cycle time while achieving productivity and quality gains, has selected Modesto as the site for its new $35-million manufacturing factory, which will boost annual production capacity by 3,000 units and create 250 new jobs.

Since its founding in late 2016 in nearby Ripon, Entekra has made significant inroads deploying its Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution™ (FIOSS™), as the company is already working or in discussions with a majority of the country's largest home builders.

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Entekra Collaborates with KB Home to Build the Concept Home Showcasing ‘Where Tomorrow Lives’

January 21st, 2019

FIOSSTM by Entekra was leveraged to off-site manufacture the super shell of the KB Home ProjeKt concept home, a prototype smart home of the future, which also breaks new ground in home building and, in particular, construction processes.

Entekra was selected for this project because of the flexibility that its Fully Integrated Off-Site SolutionTM offers from both a design and materials perspective. 

KB Home ProjeKt will be unveiled to the homebuilding industry at IBS in Las Vegas during mid-February 2019.

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Young Adults and Construction Trades

Most young adults say they know what they want, in terms of the field in which they want to have a career. The fields they most mention are medical, management/business, and technology/IT. Relatively few, however, mention the construction trades. This low propensity to desire a career in the trades extends across young adults of different racial/ethnic groups, regions of the country and even across urban/suburban/rural boundaries.

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The Risk in Prefab? Fear of the Unknown

August 14th, 2018

If you have met Gerard McCaughey, CEO and chairman at Entekra, you know he’s passionate about change. His passion was the impetus for his thriving business that is based on process innovation in housing – fully integrated off-site solutions.

Yet, McCaughey would say it’s not really change he’s after. It’s more that he’s dumbfounded by the amount of waste in current construction methods—wasted time, wasted resources, inefficiencies. And that wasted time is becoming a much bigger strain on the industry than ever before.

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Monaghan Institute Announce A New Traineeship In Architectural Technology & Computer Aided Design In Conjunction With Entekra

July 17th, 2018

Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board (CMETB) launch an exciting new Architectural Technology and Computer Aided Design Traineeship in partnership with locally based international company, Entekra.

This new QQI Level 5 Architectural Technology and Computer Aided Design Traineeship will operate in conjunction with Entekra and is due to commence in September 2018. The Traineeship places high emphasis on Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Parametric CAD but also includes Architectural Drawing, Design Skills, Communications, Work Experience, Mathematics, Materials Science and Spreadsheets Methods. Students will study at Monaghan Institute and complete 12 weeks placement in Entekra.

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Entekra Secures Naming Rights to the Monaghan GAA Centre of Excellence

July 13th, 2018

Off-site construction start-up Entekra has acquired naming rights to the sports venue of the Monaghan Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), which is located in the same county as the company’s Irish headquarters. The Monaghan facility for Ireland’s largest sporting organization is now known as the “Entekra Monaghan GAA Centre of Excellence.”

“All of us at Entekra on both sides of the Atlantic are honored to be associated with the ‘Entekra Monaghan GAA Centre of Excellence,’” says CEO Gerard McCaughey. “This partnership is symbolic of the value we place on the pursuit of excellence, both professionally and personally, as we work with U.S. homebuilders to help them transition to off-site construction, and, in turn, construct higher quality, more sustainable housing for families.”

McCaughey adds that the drive of the Entekra team to seek excellence – as well as ties to Monaghan – predate the company’s founding in late 2016. Entekra’s current workforce includes many key members of McCaughey’s former company, Monaghan-based Century Homes, which played an integral role in the adoption of off-site building technologies in Europe during the 1990s and early 2000s, before the company was acquired in 2005 by building materials giant Kingspan for $100 million.

Located in the town of Cloghan, the Entekra Monaghan GAA Centre of Excellence features five full-size soccer fields and state-of-the-art training facilities, including locker rooms and offices. Entekra’s sponsorship of the Centre, which is used by all levels of amateur athletics in the GAA, is initially in place for a three-year period.


Entekra CEO Gerard McCaughey is a keynote speaker for IWBC 2018 – the first-ever Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference – to be held October 24 to 26 in Boston

June 25, 2018

Sponsored by the Forest Economic Advisors, the event will showcase the future of construction, bringing together integrated, off-site, wood-based, automated construction innovators with developers, architects, engineers, planners and others to discuss game-changing approaches to construction.

McCaughey's keynote address, titled "If It's Not a System, It's Not a Solution," is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, October 25.

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LP's $45 Million Infusion Lifts Off-Site Disrupter Entekra's Expectations

May 07, 2018

Global wood products distributor's nod to factory design and framing of walls, floors, and roofing signals a pivotal moment for building in the U.S.

Building materials giant Louisiana-Pacific Corporation agreed this past week to invest $45 million in Ireland-based off-site framing firm, Entekra, a breakthrough for vertical integration of residential materials and products supply, distribution, design, engineering, and construction processes, and a potential game-changer for home building in the United States.

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Preparing Housing for the Digital Revolution

March 19, 2018

As homebuilders face labor shortages, CEO Gerard McCaughey discusses why a process needs to be changed if the process is labor constrained and the labor situation cannot be changed, in this video "Preparing Housing for the Digital Revolution.”

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"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts" - Aristotle

February 9, 2018

CEO Gerard McCaughey explains the synergistic approach of a Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution (FIOSS™) in this article published on LInkedIn.

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Three Men and a Crane: Inside Entekra'S Innovative Framing Process

January 05, 2018

An inside look at a potentially game-changing process that’s already common practice.

Early one morning in August, veteran California carpenter Patrick Johnson showed up for work with two fellow crewmen of varying experience, Barry McKenna and Benny White, at a site in Northern California’s Eastern Valley.

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10 Waves of Change for Home Builders

January 02, 2018

The end of the fall marks a time for me to review what I have seen over the past year and to also think about the longer-term changes in our industry and how they may have already opened doors of opportunity that we don’t instantly recognize.

One of the things that helps me in this exercise is to review the “By George!” writings from the past and how the reflections of past points-in-time actually played out. What did I get and what did I miss?

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Entekra’s McCaughey to Speak at the 2018 NABH International Builders’ Show

December 21, 2017

CEO Gerard McCaughey will speak on “The Dollars and Sense of Off-Site Construction” at the National Association of Home Builders 2018 International Builders' Show, to be held January 9 to 11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. A program of the Building Systems Community, McCaughey’s presentation is scheduled for Thursday, January 11, beginning at 1:30

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The Future of Framing

December 6, 2017

Some builders are not necessarily waiting for the next generation of carpenters to be trained

Lumber and labor are perennial woes for most builders. Lumber price instability complicates revenue and profit forecasting, while the dearth of skilled workers has been blamed for everything from the inability to keep up with demand to rising warranty costs.

JLC Online
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McCaughey to Discuss How Off-Site Construction Addresses the Problems Facing Home Builders at the 2017 Building Industry Show

During the 2017 Building Industry Show, to be held November 15 and 16, Entekra’s Gerard McCaughey will present the session “Off-Site: A Solution for the Industry’s Woes.” In this hour-long session, McCaughey will discuss how a Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution™ (FIOSS™) enables home builders to create higher quality, more sustainable structures with a faster build cycle, less dependency on skilled labor and lower material costs.

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Entekra CEO to Speak at the Housing Innovation Alliance’s “Off-Site Construction Solutions” Event in Phoenix

CEO Gerard McCaughey will be a featured presenter at the Housing Innovation Alliance’s November 14 Live Round Table Event in Phoenix - “Off-Site Construction Solutions: A Roadmap from Sticks to Modular”. He will provide a in-depth look at Entekra’s Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution™ (FIOSS™) and then participate in concurrent round table discussions as well as a group think discussion.

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Entekra's Gerard McCaughey on the Value of Modular Construction


Gerard McCaughey, CEO of Entekra, shares his experience and success of modular construction from Ireland. In this short video, he describes the value of the modular construction process and how it can help reduce the amount of labor needed, which will be key to the success of the housing industry in the next decade.

Multifamily Executive
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Entekra's Gerard McCaughey Aims to Disrupt the Industry's Stick-Build Mentality

October 3, 2017

Entrekra's Gerard McCaughey puts a UK perspective on holistic built vs. U.S. penchant for stick built.

Modular, panelized, and manufactured home construction have been marketed as time-saving alternatives to stick building, but the real disrupter for the U.S. home building industry could be fully integrated off-site solutions (FIOSS), also called off-site construction, as has been done in Europe and Japan.

Professional Builder
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Offsite, On-Site Insight from the Other Side of the Pond

September 28, 2017

A far-flung correspondent reports on advanced home construction practices in Ireland, UK, and Germany.

This week I was honored to join Gerry McCaughey, European construction industry legend and my co-patriot on a research trip to our homeland in Ireland, and then to England and Germany. Having sold Century Homes, Europe’s largest fully integrated offsite solutions (FIOSS) provider to global insulation specialist Kingspan Group PLC in 2005, McCaughey now has his sights set on introducing this well-defined process to the U.S. market through his new venture, Entekra.

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Entekra Supermen Framers

Entekra is Turning Framers into Supermen

September 22, 2017

As Entekra is transforming the way buildings are framed in the United States, the company is also turning framers into Supermen! This video takes a fun look at how three Entekra “Supermen” framed a home to roof level in just three days

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Entekra Start-Up Showcases a Game-Changing Home Construction Model

August 30, 2017

Last week, veteran carpenter Patrick Johnson teamed up with two other construction laborers of varying experience, Barry McKenna and Benny White, and, in three days, they erected a fully-framed, 3,200 sq. ft. house enclosure in Stonefield Home's Mission Village in Los Banos, about 80 miles east of San Jose, in California's Eastern Valley.

That's right, three workers, three days, and this is what they assembled, with fully integrated pre-designed, engineered, and constructed systems trucked to the site in Los Banos from Entekra's just-up-and-running plant 65 miles to the north in a town called Ripon, Calif.

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Entekra Delivers Its First House, Completing On-Site Assembly in Three Days

August 24, 2017

Entekra delivered the first housing unit manufactured at its Ripon plant for a new community of single-family homes in Los Banos, California. The structural shell of the 2,785-square-foot, two-story home was assembled in just three days by a team of three experienced framers trained the construction of the company’s fully integrated off-site solution (FIOSSTM). The Entekra team responsible for this project has employed modern methods of construction to off-site build more than 250,000 homes around the world.


The Value of Off-Site Construction to UK Productivity and Growth

July 25, 2017

This article by WPI, an economics and public policy consultancy in the UK, makes the case for the productivity gains that can be achieved with off-site building and modern methods of construction.

WPI Economics
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Entekra Ripon Plant Opening
From left to right: Ed Wanket (San Joaquin County Economic Development Assoc.), Dean Uecker (Mayor of Ripon), Gerard McCaughey (Entekra), Ken Zuidervaart (City of Ripon; Planning Director)

Entekra Receives California Tax Credit for Locating New Facility in Ripon

July 12, 2017

In locating its first manufacturing facility in Ripon, California, Entekra secured a tax credit from the California Competes Tax Credit Committee. The award was first reported in the Manteca Bulletin. In the photo to the left, Entekra CEO Gerard McCaughey (third from left) is congratulated about the tax credit and the decision to operate in the San Joaquin County by (from left) Ed Wanket, San Joaquin County Economic Development Association; Dean Uecker, Mayor of Ripon; and Ken Zuidervaart, Planning Director for the City of Ripon.

Manteca Bulletin
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Benefits of Off-Site Building

July 07, 2017

There are convincing arguments to be made in favor of prefabricated housing.

I was skeptical about the supposed benefits of building houses in a factory was an understatement. But I’m no longer skeptical after hearing Gerard McCaughey speak in May at BUILDER’s Housing Leadership Summit, a conference for the nation’s largest home builders. McCaughey is founder, CEO, and chairman of Entekra, which, as he describes it, is an off-site builder (aka prefabricator) of houses and commercial buildings. Entekra’s current manufacturing plant is in Ripon, California, and is capable of shipping product to about a 50- to 100-mile radius of the plant. Here’s how McCaughey changed my mind:

Builder Online
By Frank Anton
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Entekra’s McCaughey Speaks at PCBC about Off-Site Construction

June 1, 2017

Entekra’s Gerard McCaughey will speak at PCBC 2017, which takes place in San Diego, California, June 28 and 29. PCBC is the largest homebuilding tradeshow representing the West Coast region. McCaughey will discuss Entekra's fully-integrated off-site solution (FIOSSTM) during the Thursday, June 29 session “Innovate or Die: The Disruption of Home Building.” For more information about PCBC, visit


$35 Million Manufacturing Plant Coming to Modesto, Bringing 250 New Jobs



MODESTO (CBS13) — A major manufacturing plant is moving into Modesto and it’s bringing hundreds of new jobs along with it. “It is state of the art,” McCaughey said. It’s a $35 million high-tech facility under construction on East Whitmore Avenue.

The new location will soon become the company’s corporate headquarters and largest manufacturing plant.

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A Solution to the Labor Shortage Facing Home Builders

May 7, 2017

As U.S. home builders face labor shortages, Entekra CEO Gerard McCaughey discusses how the fully-integrated off-site solution (FIOSS) can reduce reliance of on-site labor in an article published on LinkedIn.

Read article “How to Solve Construction Labor Issue”


Entekra CEO to Present Two Sessions at the 2017 Housing Leadership Summit

April 10, 2017

Gerard McCaughey, Entekra’s CEO and Chairman, will outline how U.S. builders can transition to off-site construction during two sessions as the 2017 Housing Leadership Summit, to be held May 8 to 10 in Dana Point, California. He will be presenting during the sessions “The Tech: Elephant in the Room” and “Model Makeover: From On-Site Building to Off-Site.” For more information on this conference, visit


McCaughey Addresses the Reluctance to Change in the Construction Industry

April 2, 2017

To address the slow adoption of modern methods of construction in the United States, as well as its ramifications, Entekra’s Gerard McCaughey penned the article “The Most Dangerous Words in the English Language.”

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CEO McCaughey to Speak at the 2017 Housing Innovation Summit

March 30, 2017

Gerard McCaughey will be a speaker at the 2017 Housing Innovation Summit in Denver, April 25 and 26. The Entekra CEO is a panelist for the session “The Elephant in the Room: Housing’s New Off-Site Reality.” For more information about this conference, visit


Entekra’s Chief Executive Examines Why Off-Site Construction Hasn’t Been Adopted in the US

March 28, 2017

Despite compelling arguments for off-site construction, CEO Gerard McCaughey explores why these technological advancements have not been widely used in the United States in an article published on LinkedIn.

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As California Prepares for Zero Net Energy Standards in 2020, McCaughey Describes How Europeans Have Built Greener Homes for Nearly Two Decades

March 19, 2017

As new energy-efficiency standards face California home builders in 2020, Entekra CEO Gerard McCaughey, who oversaw the construction of one of the world’s first net-zero energy homes, details how Europeans have been building more sustainable homes with  fully-integrated off-site solutions since the 1990s.

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