Bran Keogh

Chief Operating Officer

Bran Keogh Director of Business Development EntekraBran Keogh was a founding shareholder of Entekra and serves as Chief Operating Officer. Keogh worked with Century Homes senior management team from 1992 to the time of its sale in 2005. During his time with Century he assisted in defining the strategic direction for the company, managed the regional expansion with the establishment of new manufacturing facilities and then both led and executed the acquisitions strategy in the UK. In 2005, he negotiated and structured the transaction with Kingspan Plc for the sale of the company for €100m.

In 2003, Keogh established Tynagh Energy with two international partners and led the successful €1.5bn bid from the Irish government for development of the first independent power producer (IPP) in Ireland. In 2006, Keogh established a renewables company Western Power, which successfully developed a number of wind farms in Ireland and was subsequently sold to SSE, a UK Plc in 2012.

From 2007 until 2014, Keogh was a board member of Leaf Clean Energy and in 2010 was requested by the board to assume the position of Executive Director to replace the asset manager and establish an operating company with a management team based in Washington, DC, to oversee the company’s assets.

In 2009, he established an energy development company with the Irish state utility Bord Gais to develop four 100Mw “peaking power” projects to facilitate the integration of more renewables onto the Irish grid. In 2011, Keogh was a founding shareholder in ElectroRoute, a specialized energy-trading platform that trades power and related products in Europe. Mitsubishi acquired a controlling interest in the company in 2016. Keogh holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Higher Diploma in Systems Analysis from University College Galway.