By integrating all the critical planning, engineering and construction phases of the build process and leveraging proven building technologies, Entekra’s offsite construction solution delivers a multitude of benefits to builders, including:

Entekra build faster

Faster Build Cycle

FIOSS™ reduces the overall build cycle by up to 33 percent compared to stick framing.

Entekra fewer workers

Fewer Workers

Off-site manufacturing reduces the need for on-site skilled labor by 40 to 60 percent.

Entekra higher quality

Higher Quality

Utilizing modern methods of construction delivers structures with tighter tolerances and enhanced structural integrity.

Entekra increased productivity

Increased Productivity

A faster build cycle allows builders to increase annual production volume by up to 15 percent.

Entekra less noise

Less Noise

FIOSS reduces on-site noise level, as well as the duration of this construction-related nuisance.

Entekra no weather delays

No Weather Delays

Off-site manufacturing reduces weather-related delays and associated damage.

Entekra safer work environment

Safer Work Environment

FIOSS creates a safer work environment – both off-site and on-site.

Entekra less waste

Less Waste

With FIOSS, key material consumption is reduced by as much as 15 percent.

Entekra more sustainable

More Sustainable

With tighter tolerances, FIOSS homes are more efficient to heat and cool.

Faster. Better. Safer. Sustainable. FIOSS.

The profit is in the process™