Leveraging proven building technologies and modern methods of construction (MMC) to offer a fully-integrated off-site solution (FIOSS™), Entekra™ enables builders to develop residential and commercial projects with higher quality and logistical efficiency, as well as increased profitability, with reduced requirement for on-site labor.

Entekra quality engineering

Engineered for Quality

  • Major structural elements manufactured off-site to exacting specifications
  • Use of MMC delivers buildings with tighter tolerances and enhanced structural integrity
  • Weather-related damage eliminated – as well as associated delays
  • Design risks are identified and eliminated before any construction begins
Material utilization reduced

Engineered for Logistical Efficiency

  • Construction process streamlined by consolidating tasks
  • Job-site construction time reduced by as much as 33 percent
  • Key material utilization reduced by as much as 25 percent
  • Skilled labor needs on site reduced by approximately 40 to 60 percent
Entekra results in quicker return on investment

Engineered for Profitability

  • Quicker return on investment due to the speed of build
  • Increased revenue with higher production volume and greater sales velocity
  • Lower costs with reduced dependency on skilled labor, less waste and fewer hassles and risks on site

Entekra’s FIOSS is a proven and viable process to reduce build cycle time and increase quality, efficiency, and profitability – as the profit is in the process.